Friday, November 27, 2009


Welcome to Bull City Food! I love to write, cook, eat and drink wine so I inevitably needed to start a food blog. I also think that Durham has one of the best food scenes in the country for its size. We obviously can't compete with New York or San Francisco but find me another city of Durham's size with as many good restaurants and dinner's on me.

Here in Durham we have everything from amazing taquerias to eclectic gourmet. Whatever your tastes and budget, Durham has the perfect fit. In addition, the Art Institute has opened a Raleigh-Durham branch right in downtown Durham at American Tobacco. With a great culinary program, Durham is bound to see even more growth in the food world as these students graduate and open their own restaurants.

As a culinary student at the Art Institute, I will include some useful tidbits of what I learn along the way as well as my own experimenting in the kitchen. And, of course, I will also discuss what's going on in the Durham food and wine scene to hopefully convince you that Durham really is a dining delight.

So check back to hear more about food, wine and cooking in Durham!

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