Friday, December 4, 2009

Six Plates: Good Wine

Six Plates is currently my favorite wine bar in Durham. The food is good, but I always go for the wine. The menu is set up with six small plates of food with a wine to match each plate. Each glass of wine costs around $6-8 and the additional glasses listed on the board are as low as $5. The wine selection comes from around the world and there's something to match everyone's taste. And owner Matthew Beason and his staff are always willing to make suggestions.

This last visit I decided to start off with a glass of Xarmant Txakoli from the Basque Country, Spain. Immediately the wine stands out for the number of x's in the name and was made famous by Dhani Jones on Dhani Tackles the Globe. But upon first sip, it is clear that this wine stands out without any publicity. It's made from the grape called hondarribi zurri and, although not sparkling, it definitely has a slight effervescence. With very little residual sugar, the wine is quite dry but has tons of flavor. It's definitely worth trying! And with a name that's hard to pronounce, it should be easy to spot on the menu. Six Plates often has it by the glass, so give it a try next time you're there.

In addition to the six wines matching the six plates, and the glasses listed on the board, the menu contains page upon page of wines by the bottle. The list includes sparkling, white, pink and red wines from around the world ranging from only $20 a bottle to well over $100. So whatever your taste and budget, there are plenty of wines to choose from. All in all, Six Plates is definitely worth a visit. Stop in for a light meal or just a glass of wine. And check the website for news on live music, events and menu changes.

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